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We believe education and advocacy are the cornerstones for building a world where mental health is as important as physical health. Knowledge is more than just power – its empowering. When we know what to do, we can control our own destinies. We make our own decisions. The decisions that are right for us, right now. 

As seasoned professionals with decades of experience, we want to make our knowledge accessible and applicable for individuals, families, communities, and other professionals.

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Meet the team who wants to live in a world where mental wellness is as important as eating well, getting enough sleep, keeping physically active and having a nurturing, supportive network of family and friends. The team that wants to live in a world where the words “mental health” aren’t met with skepticism, dismissal or fear. The team who wants to live in a world where people have the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome any challenge faced and where families have the resources they need to help their loved ones.



Volunteer Opportunities

The alliance is stronger together. We draw on the knowledge and experience of all of those around us and welcome others to join us as we strive to created a more educated, informed, and empowered community.


The Family Wellness Alliance offers a variety of workshops and presentations designed to educate, inform, and empower. Topics vary from mental health to general wellness to education and beyond. Click below to learn more about the topics currently available and how to request a presentation.

Coming Soon - As the alliance grows, we hope to offer additional services to meet the needs of the individuals and communities we serve. Additional services will be added as they become available.


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