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Karen L. Duffy, Co-Founder

Karen Duffy is a graduate of Allegheny College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and the University of Maryland in College Park with a Master of Arts degree in Human Development.  For more than two decades, Karen has worked in the nonprofit sector for three different organizations supporting adults, youth and families experiencing mental health challenges.  Most recently, she is the Division Director for Youth and Family Services at a reputable nonprofit organization in Montgomery County. She and her colleague, Diana Barney, co-founded the Family Wellness Alliance because they share a vision of a world in which families have the tools they need to address mental health issues and where stigma surrounding mental health is eliminated.  Karen has conducted workshops at national conferences, health fairs and for other nonprofit providers in an effort to inform, educate and empower others.  Karen is also sharing her lived experiences through her education and advocacy efforts. She is the mother of a young adult with autism and bipolar disorder and she is also caring for her elderly father experiencing the early symptoms of dementia.  Karen lives in Frederick with her son and her father, their dog Finn and two cats, Charlie and Callie.

Photo Curtesy of Kevin Barney

Diana M. Barney, Co-Founder

Diana Barney is a licensed graduate professional counselor with over a decade of experience working with youth and families from a variety of backgrounds. Diana has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Davidson College along with master’s degrees in applied developmental psychology from George Mason University and professional counseling from Liberty University. Diana has served families across the greater DC metro area since 2008 and now serves as a Director of Counseling Services at a Montgomery County non-profit. Diana has extensive experience facilitating a variety of trainings, workshops, and lectures for community members, religious groups, and other providers focusing on topics such as Mental Health First Aid, understanding youth development, and working with resistant clients. Coming from a family of educators, Diana moved to the mental health field after seeing first hand the need for youth and families to have basic needs met and psychosocial stability in order to succeed in their academic and life pursuits. As a new mom with a dedicated husband and three cats, Diana is excited to have joined the ranks of parenthood with all of its joys, stresses, and sleepless nights.

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